Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Reason

I loved you with intense passion
And you replied in the same fashion.

I remember the times
When I said - I love you.
You sweetly smiled
And said so do you.

But Then the times changed
And so did the season.
You broke my heart
And never gave any reason.

I had always loved you
Right from my hearts core
But boldly you said
"I dont love you anymore"

It dawned on me
That loving you was in vain
Since love for you
Was nothing more than a silly game.

Its been long since you left
Never since then,
Have I peacefully slept.

My heart still aches
And my mind wonders

What you did was treason
But atleast you should have

What is love ?

For ages great many philosophers have tried to define love , in vain. For everyone one of us has a separate definition of love. A definition which we can only understand but not express.

For me love is a REASON.
Reason - to support someone.
Reason - to be compassionate
Reason - to have empathy
Reason - to develop mutual understanding
And reason - to build an everlasting relationship.

For me love by itself doesn't mean a thing. Love on its own, is highly overrated.
And the hype only fuels the fire.

Most of us , when we like someone, start bugging ourselves with question - "Do I really love him/her ?" , "Is this the love I have been waiting for? "
Only if we could understand , that life is too short to be living under the clouds of "if and but".
Only if we could understand that love , like life, is a journey and not a destination.

There is no gurantee that it will last forever. There is no gurantee that it is what you have been looking for . Love is not chained by gurantees.
Love is something to be cherished and enjoyed. Not something that should be given a dose of steroids to make it last forever. Because if you take love as a Reason - then it will last .

The authencity of love should not be at the mercy of its outcome. Just because love fails , doesn't mean that it was not love.
The day we wake up to the understanding that love binds us all , and yet it is free and can never be chained , that even if it exsisted for just a moment , its still love - that day would be a new beginning.